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Phone: +351/914.010.390

Location: Cascais, PT

Greta is a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, with more than 12 years of experience, while working a day job at an Agency of the European Commission for which she moved from Belgium to Portugal.
It came as a shock to her when one of her colleagues said to her that she could retire in a few years; what first had seemed so far away, suddenly was in sight, however, what was to come next was unclear.
To clear the fog, she started to tackle the different aspects of retirement, namely; the mental, social, spiritual, and financial aspects of it. . Next, she decided to combine this journey with her coaching experience to help others to bring clarity to their journey and to have a joyful and fulfilling next chapter.
As the second of six children, Greta was considered the rebel of the family always keeping that side of her, in terms of not being afraid of new challenges and forging her own path in life. She enjoys hiking, drawing, horse-riding and gardening.
She is a certified retirement and life coach and teacher with a wide variety of professional experience. She loves languages and has mastered 6 of them and hungry for more she has now taken on the challenge of learning Mandarin.