Robert T. Foley, BASW, CPRC, CMDC



Phone: 9732195100

Location: Plymouth, MA

Speaking Topics: Discovering your "MeLife" Plan - a guide for your next 50 years

Areas of Specialization: "C Level" Transition Coaching, Succession Planning, Coaching and Training

Robert T. Foley is a Retirement Lifestyle Thought Leader, Author, Blogger, Podcast Host, Speaker and Career Coach in the emerging field of Retirement Lifestyle Coaching.
Educated as a Social Worker at Providence College. Bob decided that his true calling was to enter the field of Human Resources initially and then he ascended to the CEO ranks practicing his corporate craft in the Hospitality, Franchising, National Association, Publishing and Financial Services industries.
So why Retirement Lifestyle Coaching? Because people have paid their dues in the “first half of their career” and now they yearn for work that they want to do not have to do to sustain themselves for the second half of their lives.
Bob personally knows the challenges of the 50+ lifestyle. He holds certifications in Retirement Coaching, Leadership Development and Business Planning. He left his corporate career in the rearview mirror and, after his transition, dove into the various aspects of his second career sixities.
That is how he found a home at, “Legacy Transitions”, where he practices his craft of helping people find their new purposeful life style. This period of reflection, with Bob, sets his clients on a path of their choosing armed with several possibilities and the right introductions.
If you would like an introductory discussion with Bob, at no cost to you, email him at or call him at 973-219-5100 or finally here is a link to schedule an appointment: 321