Allan A. Goldstein, B.A (Honors Psychology), M.Sc., M.Ed., C.P.R.C.



Phone: 310 279 3067

Location: Long Beach, CA

Speaking Topics: All current issues regarding retirement as published in my twice monthly column- FULL SPEED AHEAD.

Areas of Specialization: Identify/eliminate roadblocks while designing a specific action plan for a fulfilling retirement .

Allan A. Goldstein, (M.Sc., M.Ed., D.G.A, C.R.C. ) has enjoyed successful careers as a film director, screenwriter, educational specialist, newspaper columnist, public speaker. and lead retirement coach at NextStep969. Based in Long Beach, CA. and servicing clients in Los Angeles and Orange County, NextStep969 offers both RCA certified retirement coaching techniques as well as referral services for a network of related health and counseling professionals in and around Long Beach, California.
Allan bases his retirement coaching on the foundational principles of Positive Psychology, the RCA certification program, and the most current peer reviewed research in the field. Allan also writes a twice monthly newspaper column, FULL SPEED AHEAD, which tackles critical retirement issues and is read by over 155,000 people.
Allan's life motto, “The Journey is the Destination” guides him in helping his clients design, create, and maintain a retirement lifestyle that's positive, fulfilling, engaging, and meaningful. He can be contacted at