The RCA is proud to share it’s latest research results. The Great Disconnect: Bridging Gaps In Retirement Expectations, Results, & Services

You can access a pdf copy of the results here: Download

We refer to our research approach as “Solution Based Research” because we don’t just want to highlight issues and trends without providing some practical application and next steps for addressing them… as well as innovating new products as services.

To that point, next month we will be launching a series of events designed to address and support people in the retirement transition. As you will see in the report, four of the most significant findings were:

  • There is a significant disconnect between pre-retiree expectations and actual retiree experiences.
  • There’s a monumental need and opportunity for Financial and HR professionals to play a role in helping clients and employees make a better transition.
  • Both existing retirees as well as pre-retirees need additional tools and support for finding purpose, identity, and connection throughout the transition.
  • Retirement is a major life adjustment that can take a year or longer.

Starting next month our coaches will be hosting virtual Identity & Purpose Labs. These events are designed to foster community and connection through group exercises and discussions that have been shown to help people fill missing voids and move toward new opportunities that provide impact.

Additionally, we are launching the Retirement Coaches Association Advisor Alliance (RCAAA) and Retirement Coaches Association Talent Alliance (RCATA). These are industry specific initiatives designed to help clients / employees plan for the non-financial aspects of life after work. Members organizations have access to training, tools and resources designed to help people replace their work identity, fill their time, stay relevant and connected, as well as keep mentally and physically active.

Members of this innovative and cutting-edge group not only understand the concept of retirement is no longer a one-time, workplace event that focuses on paycheck replacement. They know the new retirement leverages work-life balance and wellness initiatives by treating it as a multi-phase journey that educates and upskills clients / employees for a more personal and positive transition.

This new approach to retirement gets rid of old and outdated thoughts and feelings, as well as policies and perks that foster an ageist view of career transition, reduce workplace satisfaction, and negatively impact talent management.

Form more information on the research, upcoming events, and new industry alliances, please contact us at