Bill Love, CFP, RICP, ICF Coach, Certified Retirement Coach



Phone: 2678151138

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Areas of Specialization: Retirement Income Planning and Retirement Coaching

BILL is a Certified Financial Planner with more
than 20 years of experience who has helped
many of his client’s transition to a successful
retirement. Bill focuses on client’s complete
retirement picture: Financial and Nonfinancial. He has helped clients find answers
and solutions to the following questions:
• When can I retire?
• How can I make my money last for me
and my spouse?
• What do I need to do to protect my
nest egg?
• What will I do when travel, golf and other
leisure activities lose their luster?
• What will I do to replace the benefits that
my career provided me such as structure,
socialization and a sense of contribution?
• Where will I get purpose and meaning from?
Bill is passionate about retirement planning.
In addition to practicing as a Certified
Financial Planner, Bill is a Retirement Income
Certification Professional specializing in topics
such as social security planning, health care,
long term care, etc. Bill is also a Certified
Retirement Coach providing clients the
opportunity to develop perspective on where
they will find purpose and meaning beyond
their careers.