Stefa Katamay, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Retirement Options Coach, MHSc



Phone: 6043458440

Location: Victoria, BC, _CA

Speaking Topics: Retirement challenges and opportunities; transitions in the second half of life; personal discovery through the journey within

Areas of Specialization: Transition and retirement coaching; second half of life transitions; cruising/sailing transitions

Like many who retire without a plan, I jumped at the first shiny thing that came along. Learning to operate a 37' sailboat and subsequently living on it for four years took me through cycles of boredom and loneliness that forced reflection and regrouping. After ditching the adventure I enhanced my Executive Coaching background with retirement coaching training. The parallels between casting off the dock lines and leaving work are, frankly, unparalleled! With first-hand knowledge of the journey within I support clients who are not prepared to chill for the rest of their lives or, who have retired, and are thinking "Is this it?" and feeling "I'm not done yet!"

And I write. With a background in public health nutrition, I've gone from working with epidemiological data (which tells a population's story) to qualitative research (which pulls out themes from stories) to writing stories about the challenges, opportunities and reflections on life after 50 informed by the stories of clients, friends, colleagues, mentors, as well as data.. Shifting our views about those over 50 is a mission because our limited views of those over 50 works against those around us and ourselves.