Eric J. Weigel, FSA



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Location: Charlestown, MA

Speaking Topics: Retirement Planning, Investments, Second Careers, Personal Growth

Areas of Specialization: Retirement Planning, Transition Management, Personal Growth, Investments

My name is Eric J. Weigel and I am the founder of Retire With Possibilities. I am a Baby Boomer myself wrestling with all the same issues that you have.

‚ÄčAbout 10 years ago I thought that I was well on my way to a happy retirement after my working days as an investment manager were over. Well, as they say, life has funny ways of intervening, and my life was turned upside down.

I got divorced after a 23-year marriage, moved out of the house we had just remodeled, and on top of all that, the Financial Crisis wiped my job away.

The experience made me look deep within and made me think about my life beyond career and raising a family. Not that those things were not important anymore, they were just different.

I started thinking about having more adventure in my life again. I started thinking more seriously about my finances, how to stay in better shape and hobbies that I once had such as gardening. I began exploring new lines of work that could bring me more fulfillment.

In sum, I started thinking about all the issues that our generation is facing as we approach our post-career lives, or as we call it, the Third Age.