Kathy Cullen, MSW, CPRC

Email: kathy@thenextchapterco.com

Website: thenextchapter.retcoach.org

Phone: 970.222.3004

Location: Windsor, CO

Areas of Specialization: All Non-Financial Aspects of Retirement

My previous career as a social worker and psychotherapist prepared me with the skills to communicate well and help people solve many of life's problems. After retiring myself for a few years, writing a book about social work, golfing, quilting and spending time with my grandchildren, I began to feel restless and without a sense of purpose. The Certified Professional Retirement Coach program taught me all the basics about non-financial retirement coaching, and I started The Next Chapter. I love working with people to help them find and create their best possible retirement experience in all areas of their lives. We go through a series of exercises designed to increase well-being and help avoid common pitfalls and mistakes many people make during this important transition. Give me a call today to learn more.