Laura Riddle, MA, LMFT, Certified Retirement, Career and Life Co



Phone: 407-592-0306

Location: Winter Park, FL

Speaking Topics: Couples, LGBTQ , Thriving in Retirement,Grief and Loss, Motivational Enhancement & Stages of Change,

Areas of Specialization: Couples, Individuals, Women and LGBTQ Coaching and Counseling for Successful Retirement

If Change and Transitions were easy, we would all "Just Do It" as the Nike commercials suggest. My experience has been that Change (with a Capital C) is often challenging, scary and even hard, at best. Yet, what I know from 10 years of Coaching, as a Certified Retirement Coach and almost 38 years of providing Counseling, as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; is that Changing and managing Transitions is possible, not easy but absolutely possible.
Assisting Couples and Individuals to create healthy, happy, purposeful and passionate Retirement (read,Next Phase, Third Age, Encore Career/Stage, New Retirement, etc.) and THRIVE, not just survive is MY Passion. Retirement is different today and will never be the same, as it was for those who came before us, and I think that this is a good thing!
So WHAT is RETIREMENT COACHING, WHY DO I NEED ONE and HOW WOULD I/WE BENEFIT? Good questions, with important answers... especially because often people "don't get it"! Retirement Services have historically focused on Financial Planning, which is of course necessary and useful. Yet there are a number of other aspects of our lives, that play a crucial role in planning and implementing a healthy, happy and successful Retirement phase!
Social, Relationships and Connection
Physical Health and Wellness
Emotional and Psychological Enhancement and Well-being
Living a purposeful, passionate and meaning life
Spiritual exploration and contentment

These are some of the many parts of ourselves, that if attended to with intention and thoughtfulness; greatly increase our enjoyment and enhance our daily experience, in the years to come and likely prolong our longevity. These are the area's that a Retirement Coach focuses on and facilitates the process of exploration and planning.

I have spent more than 37 years helping people learn the skills to help them take charge of their lives, create and implement a Vision for success; and be the very best they can be. Now I am focused on assisting those of us in, or contemplating (hopefully planning) "Retirement".
I am excited and look forward to connecting with each of you, to see how I might provide expertise and guidance, to work together, to truly make this a most wonderful next stage of life! Having said all this, I believe strongly that creating an Plan, not in stone, yet something in writing, reflecting what's important today. This plan needs to be flexible enough to morph, as you, individuals and couples, grow, expand and clarify, what you want to be doing and who you are becoming!. That's where I come in! Please allow me to bring all of my experience and skills to the table, to facilitate you and perhaps your husband, wife, partner, loved one; to put the pieces together, toward a successful and happy Retirement.