6th Annual Conference

Modernizing the World of Retirement

September 20th-22nd

Retirement Coaches Association Virtual Exhibit Hall

Lauren Fox, Program Director

ND Insired Leadership Initiative

Phone: 574-631-2466

Email: Lauren Fox

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The Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI) is a program for accomplished individuals from all disciplines (business, non-profit, and academic, to name a few) who have completed their chosen careers and wish to spend an academic year at Notre Dame—taking advantage of the University's vast array of resources—to pivot to their next stage in life.

ILI fellows will have the unique opportunity to reflect on their past experience and shape the direction of their future, while also sharing their wisdom, experience, and knowledge with the Notre Dame community.

Featured Video: Day in the life of ILI

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Mike Minitelli National Sales Manager

FranNet Franchise Experts

Phone: 908-447-0098

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FranNet provides education and support to individuals who are interested in exploring self-employment as a career option through franchised business ownership. Our local consultants deliver expert advice and assistance through the franchise selection process at no cost to clients.


We are experienced, local franchise experts, consultants, and brokers that help match you to the perfect business opportunity to meet your goals..


From providing you with business options that fit your goals to coaching you through your due diligence process, we help reduce the risk of starting your own business.


We put in the time and resources to help you make the right decision and maximize your odds of success in your new business.

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Robert Laura, Founder


Phone: 888-267-1138

Email: Robert Laura
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The CPRC is the leading industry training! It provides the most ground breaking and innovating course work, coupled with time-tested and proven methods for helping people make a successful transition from work-life to home life.

Join us in changing the world of retirement by downloading our first module for free

You might also find my latest guide valuable as well. Solving The Real Retirement Crisis highlights the need and opportunity for coaches as well as issues that individuals, couples and organizations are facing!

Overall, our program stands out from others in several ways. First, it is the Retirement Coaching industries only recognized designation. Other programs only offer a certificate of completion rather than an actual designation. Our CPRC letters can not only be placed after your name on business cards and emails but also used as a mark of credibility when meeting with clients or organizations.

Second, the program provides coach training. We use aspects of positive psychology, behavioral economics, and other framework tools to not only educate but also empower our students with the most up to date and useful information. Many other programs simply train you on an assessment or the use of other tools rather than actual coaching skills and techniques.

Another big differentiator is our marketing program and connection to a vibrant community. Our program includes a marketing platform to help you lauch your business and includes one year membership into the Retirement Coaches Association. No one else gives you anything even close to that, leaving you to figure it out on your own.

To help you understand and get a sense of what is included in our training we offer the first module for free. You can download it here

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Longevity Economy
Dr. Joseph Coughlin
Hardcover: $20.90
Kindle: $17.99

book cover

Over the past two decades, Joseph F. Coughlin has been busting myths about aging with groundbreaking multidisciplinary research into what older people actually want -- not what conventional wisdom suggests they need. In The Longevity Economy, Coughlin provides the framing and insight business leaders need to serve the growing older market: a vast, diverse group of consumers representing every possible level of health and wealth, worth about $8 trillion in the United States alone and climbing.

Coughlin provides deep insight into a population that consistently defies expectations: people who, through their continued personal and professional ambition, desire for experience, and quest for self-actualization, are building a striking, unheralded vision of longer life that very few in business fully understand. His focus on women -- they outnumber men, control household spending and finances, and are leading the charge toward tomorrow's creative new narrative of later life -- is especially illuminating.

Coughlin pinpoints the gap between myth and reality and then shows businesses how to bridge it. As the demographics of global aging transform and accelerate, it is now critical to build a new understanding of the shifting physiological, cognitive, social, family, and psychological realities of the longevity economy.

Available at Amazon.com

Hardcover only $20.90

Kindle: $17.99

Path Of Purposeful Aging
Richard Leider
Hardcover: $16.99
Kindle: $9.99

book cover Everyone is getting old; not everyone is growing old. But the path of purposeful aging is accessible to all—and it’s fundamental to health, happiness, and longevity.

With a focus on growing whole through developing a sense of purpose in later life, Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old? celebrates the experience of aging with inspiring stories, real-world practices, and provocative questions. Framed by a long conversation between two old friends, the book reconceives aging as a liberating experience that enables us to become more authentically the person we always meant to be with each passing year.

In their bestseller Repacking Your Bags, Richard J. Leider and David A. Shapiro defined the good life as “living in the place you belong, with people you love, doing the right work, on purpose.” This book builds on that definition to offer a purposeful path for living well while aging well.

Available at Amazon.com

Hardcover only $16.99

Kindle: $9.99

Radical Curiosity
Ken Dychtwald
Hardcover: $24.95
Kindle: $13.00

book coverFrom his working class roots in New Jersey to the “tune in, turn on, drop out” cliffs of Big Sur and the pinnacles of the human potential movement; from launching his company Age Wave and coming to terms with his own aging process, Ken Dychtwald’s Radical Curiosity makes sense of his first 70 years of life, offering invaluable life lessons through the lens of a man constantly seeking truth and self-discovery― giving readers a glimpse into a visionary's extraordinary world, and a guide for claiming a powerful vision of one’s own.

Although Dr. Ken Dychtwald is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts on aging and longevity, Radical Curiosity offers an entirely different, and far more personal, perspective. Triggered by the deaths of his parents, and motivated by his cutting-edge research into the importance of leaving a legacy, Dychtwald dives deep to examine the arc and legacies of his own life through fantastic stories, mind-stretching adventures and his unique encounters with many of the world’s great leaders and influencers, in order to show readers his keys to a meaningful, magical and purposeful life.

Ultimately, Radical Curiosity is a call to action, one which demands that we add more curiosity, purpose, interdependence and discovery to our lives, regardless of age.

Available at Amazon.com

Hardcover only $24.95

Kindle: $13.00

Thriving Throughout Your Retirement Transition
RCA Authors
Paperback: $15.95
Kindle: $3.99

book coverToo many retirees waste some of the best years of their life in retirement trying to figure it out on their own. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can avoid common traps and misconceptions going from merely surviving and trying to figure it out, to full-on thriving through the advice of over a dozen top retirement experts.

If you are ready to change the trajectory of your retirement years, you'll want this invaluable resource in your toolbox. Join the growing movement to create a life-after-work lifestyle that moves beyond your finances and into a more diverse definition of a fulfilling retirement.

This dynamic and cutting-edge culmination of wisdom is exactly what new and existing retirees need to not only flourish in life after work, but also make it a time full of self-discovery, impact, and legacy; all key ingredients to Thrive Throughout Your Retirement!.

Available at Amazon.com

Hardcover only $15.95

Kindle: $3.99

Out of the Box Retirement
RCA Authors
Paperback: $14.95
Kindle: $4.95

book cover Traditional Retirement Planning Has Been Put On Notice!

Get ready to flourish in the new era of retirement as more than a dozen retirement experts share decades of experience to help you unleash your imagination and envision retirement like never before.

Get inspired with real life stories and situations that can help you avoid falling into common traps and turn your dreams into reality. Step outside of old and outdated traditions, and create a more personal and satisfying plan for retirement with a book that:

  • Awakens your creative spirit and soulful expression
  • Breaks the old and outdated rules that hold so many people back
  • Fosters confidence, control, and clarity
  • Helps you customize retirement in a way that reflects your deepest needs and desires

Your legacy and life in retirement won’t be defined by following others down the well-worn path, but rather by having the courage and support to gracefully move away from what everyone else is thinking and doing. Fashion more resilience and meaning with these creative ideas, role models, and new possibilities.

Available at Amazon.com

Hardcover only $18.95

Kindle: $6.99

Rightsourcing Retirement
RCA Authors
Paperback: $14.95
Kindle: $3.99

book coverIt’s Time To Boldly Reset The Workforce Horizons Around Retirement

Finally, a book ahead of its time that recognizes the comprehensive needs of both the employer and employees in transition. This book affirms what both side want but struggling to find the right balance with.

Get ready for a dynamic approach that ensures workplace stability and employee experience by:

  • Modernizing the retirement conversation with new insights, research, and direction
  • Showcasing the new roles and opportunities organizations have to make a positive impact on an aging workforce
  • Expanding traditional retirement planning to include more personal aspects of life after work and mindset that employees need in the transition
  • Addressing key issues like career legacy, workplace identity, and more

This is what happens when you bring together a group of industry experts, thought leaders, and retirement pioneers who are committed to shifting paradigms and altering the course of traditional retirement. It’s game-changing book that is both timely and essential to the future of workplace transitions.

Available at Amazon.com

Hardcover only $18.95

Kindle: $6.99

Retirement Challenge
RCA Authors
Paperback: $18.95
Kindle: $4.95

book coverFor the first time, The Retirement Coaches Association has brought together an elite group of retirement experts to help you unlock a compelling and purpose filled next chapter.

It’s the first and only book of its kind and provides exactly what is missing from mainstream articles and discussions about retirement. Yes, there are many other books on the topic, but none of them address the non-financial aspects like this definitive collection of wisdom and advice.

It digs deep and delivers powerful content that:

  • Takes readers on a personal journey to help them thrive in their transition
  • Offers a new sense of purpose for those who are unsure of, or conflicted by a retirement decision
  • Provides peace of mind by acknowledging you’re not alone no matter what you may be dealing with
  • Validates your thoughts and feelings about retirement while providing direction for you
  • Allows you to see the beauty and benefits of planning beyond the dollars and cents of retirement

Join us as we take you on a thought-provoking journey that covers nearly every retirement topic and provides the answers to your non-financial questions.

Available at Amazon.com

Hardcover only $18.95

Kindle: $6.99

Great Pajama Jobs
Kerry Hannon
Hardcover: $24.95
Kindle: $13.00

book coverFind out how to secure and thrive in a work-from-home or remote-access job. Get out of your work clothes and into pajamas for good!.

Did you fall in love with working from home during the months of coronavirus restrictions? Is working in your pajamas appealing? Do you want to earn some income on the side?

In 2020, the workplace has been transformed and working from home has exploded. It may, in fact, be the new reality of working for many of us, some full-time, some as a hybrid work scenario.

With some information and expert guidance, you can transform your workday, take control of your time, and explore exciting new opportunities. Great Pajama Jobs: Your Complete Guide to Working from Home is your playbook.

Until recently, you may have gone to an office that was uninspiring or chaotic, or spent a large part of your busy day responding to emails and working on computer–tasks that could easily be accomplished from home. You may have spent hours commuting each day.

Then too, you may be a military spouse in search of an ideal remote job to take with you to a new base, or you may need to manage your personal health issues or caregiving duties. Or you may simply want to inch a little closer to a more favorable work-life balance. The truth is you may need the autonomy and flexibility of working remotely for a myriad of reasons.

Great Pajama Jobs is your ultimate guide to finding a job where you can work remotely and advance your career while working in pajamas (or certainly something more comfortable than traditional work garb).

Available at Amazon.com

Hardcover only $24.95

Kindle: $13.00

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