Sherry Austin, CRC, Certified Retirement Coach, CCA



Phone: 7346491998

Location: Port Charlotte, FL

Speaking Topics: Retirement Planning, Cash Flow Advising, Health and Wellness

Areas of Specialization: Retirement Coaching, Cash Flow Advising, Health and Wellness

Sherry Austin, Certified Retirement Coach, Health & Wellness Advocate, Personal Development Guru and Life Coach for Retirees. Sherry is on a mission to educate Baby Boomers, pre-retirees and those already retired to improve their health, find passion and purpose, and do meaningful work. Retirement is one of the greatest opportunities of a person’s life. It is a time when you can help make the world a better place if you choose. I help others discover how to feel invigorated again, guiding people to make positive changes in their life. Do you want to embrace freedom, flow and fulfillment? Do you want to lead a life led by joy, love and adventure? I help people transform their lives by teaching them how to take charge of their mind, time and emotion. Sherry has been a student of self-development, education and goal achievement her entire life. Her professional career began as a teacher and later transitioned into the field of Parks and Recreation where she earned her Masters Degree. She has twenty years experience working with senior citizens. She helps guide and support others to achieve their goals and dreams. Her passion for helping people live happier, healthier and longer lives lead her to become a Certified Retirement Coach. She will help you uncover core values and beliefs, create a personal mission statement and action plan to achieve your desires, dreams and ambitions in life. Living a purposeful life helps you to become happier, more energetic and fulfilled. Through the coaching process Sherry assists others in experiencing all of the joys of living a life with purpose. People enjoy working with her and get results. One client stated, I was able to get unstuck with your help! Others have said, " it is a joy to work with her due to her positive and optimistic attitude". The coaching process, and assessments tools are used to provide direction and encouragement as needed to help people with their retirement planning. Sherry's goal is to help improve the lives of others and make a contribution to the those in the "baby boomer" population. Sherry states, her personal rewards come from helping people build their own path to success.