REED DEWEY, Certified Retirement Coach, Retirement Options Certified Coach



Phone: (240) 454-1992

Location: Chevy Chase , MD

Speaking Topics: Life Transitions, retirement, midlife challenges

Areas of Specialization: Life Transitions, retirement, midlife challenges.

I serve clients anywhere via phone or video calls and offer a complimentary session. My passion is helping clients invest in their dreams for a vibrant, meaningful, and rewarding life by design. I offer a variety of programs that work together to deliver results, getting you where you want to go. For me, and most people I know, major life changes aren't easy. And, when midlife change comes, there’s a lot of it - whether it's an empty nest, a job that has ended, taking care of parents, or navigating health concerns. Often it's a combination of many factors. My services help clients sort out the many changes they face to help them chart a solid direction forward. I use online assessment tools to help clients determine next chapter readiness in 20 lifestyle areas. I work with individuals and groups to help interpret these findings and explore broader transition issues to help people fully live into the years ahead.

I am a certified coach through both Retirement Options™ and also the Retirement Project LLC. These two organizations are the leaders in non-financial retirement planning. From early on as a psychology major at the University of Vermont with a focus in clinical practice to my own personal growth work with the Mankind Project and with Couples Coaching Couples, I serve clients with humility and acceptance.